TruMrFu Bush League Power Rankings Week #5

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Each Week I will be (virtually) sitting down with our Bush-Trolls Committee, made up of casters and HOTS experts Goon and Soken. In Week 4, we had a lot of role swaps, and with that, a LOT of feeds. Going into week 5, our Committee tries to break down where they see each teams relative strength. Some teams are higher than their records show, and some are lower. One thing is for sure, this is Bushleague, and at any moment, any given team can crumble into ash.


#1 – Best Coast Knight Owls (Record: 4-0-0 pts 6)(PW Rank #1) –

Another dominating performance from BCKO, getting a 2-0 victory against Try Harder. In game one it looked as though BCKO may be in for a tough night, losing a couple early team fights, but after getting a 4 man team wipe they were able put the pedal down and  snowball that into a win. From that point on BCKO didn’t look back, dominating map number two as well. This team doesn’t look to have many weaknesses at this point, perhaps they should just declare for Open Division, then maybe they will get some competition once they climb their way through to the HGC and face Dignitas at the Western Clash. But for now, it looks like they will just keep bringing out the Win Blades meme picks until someone challenges them.


#2 -Gaddie and the Jets (Record 2-1-1 pts 3) (PW Rank #2) –

This week on Keeping up with the Kardashians, Mama Kris wasn’t able to make it to the family barbeque. The rest of the girls decided to invite their neighbor Ms. Sassa over to help fill in and bake some desserts. But Ms. Sassa left the cookies in the oven a bit to long, and instead of apologizing, Ms. Sassa thought it would be best to point out that Kylie used the wrong dressing for her salad. Oh snap! Kim did NOT like that. You don’t call out a Kardashian, and Ms. Sassa was kicked out of the BBQ. But Kim wasn’t done, she walked to every house on the block and told everyone “Don’t invite Ms. Sassa over for any of your BBQs, that bitch can’t even cook a simple chocolate chip cookie.” Ms. Sassa hasn’t been seen in the neighborhood since. Next week, the Kardashians try their hand in community service, when they try to help Fourteen Underage Children, that are currently kneeling, what could go wrong?

#3 – Try Harder (Record 0-2-2  pts 2) (PW Rank #3) –

Despite being 1 of only 2 teams without a match win, our committee still has high praise for Try Harder, maybe it’s some bribes that are going on under the table. Try harder is one of many teams that made role swaps this week, as well as apparently changing who is in charge of their drafting. Their new roles didn’t seem to help them this week, being picked apart by Scott’s Win Blades Varian, who parried his way right over them and stole the 2-0 victory. Again, this team made some big changes this week, so we will have to wait and see how they progress going forward. They have already proven they have the ability mechanically to compete in this league, the question is will they be able to all get on the same page in time. Competition for the 4 playoff spots is starting to ramp up.

#4 – Fourteen Underage Children Kneeling (Record 2-0-2 pts 4) (PW Rank #6)

Pulling out the legendary “Zexerous Chen” in game one, Team Fuck had quite an uphill battle. But thanks to a late game single handed team wipe from Digitality’s Li Ming, Team FUCK was able to steal the win. Game 2 they put away the memes and put on a dominating performance, showing that they are capable of being a very strong team. Team FUCK has a Strong 4 man, and with EBSGraphic in the solo lane, this team could be a strong contender into the playoffs, but have they been challenged yet, and can DJTyrant play any other hero beside Johanna? Our committee is still not impressed with this team, but next week they will get there chance to impress when they take on the angry GatJ.


#5 – League of Ordinary Gentlemen (Record 1-2-1 pts 1) (PW Rank #5) –

They did it, they moved Rozai onto main tank, taking Diablo in game one, and Arthas in game 2. In doing so The League of Ordinary Gentlemen were able to get the 2-0 victory against Felominishal. The LoOGies looked scary in their week 4 showing, with a lot of coordination in their 4 man, creating lane pressure and being able to set up ganks. This matchup was against a lesser opponent, but it’s a great start for a team with high expectations behind them. Next week they take on Try Harder, a team that is also trying to find themselves. Both teams need to start their run if they want to make the playoffs, this matchup could be do or die for both teams.


#6 – Revolt (Record 1-1-2 pts 1) (PW Rank #7) –

Spy-Gate, Bounty-Gate, Deflate-Gate, and now Sub-Gate. Some cheaters get caught, and some get away with it. If you get caught you are ridiculed, mocked, and stripped of all you accolades, but if you get away with it you can live the life of Tom Brady. Team Revolt decided they were going to have VEXZERO and Arelious sub in for Shiz and Cutiepie. Not sure who subbed in for who, but both of them have higher MMR’s than Cutiepie, which according to the website, is against the rules. But just like Tom Brady, if you don’t get caught, it aint cheating. With this cast Revolt was able to take a game, and split the series 1-1 against the #2 seed GatJ. Our panel was very impressed by this team’s ability to pull the wool over the rest of the leagues eyes, and if they are able to keep this scheme up without getting caught, they may climb even further up the rankings next week.

#7 – Xtra Cheese (Record 1-2-1 pts 4) (PW Rank #4) –

First game with the entire team, and it looked ugly. In their match against team F.U.C.K. Xtra Cheese looked a little off, struggling with engages, rotations, and picking targets. This is expected with a team that hasn’t played together, so we will have to wait and see how this team grows as they settle into their new roles, but as of right now, it looks like Xtra Cheese may be in a full free fall… Next week they take on BCKO, so they won’t be getting a free bounce back game.


#8 – Felominahal! (Record 0-3-1 pts 0) (PW Rank #8) –

Felominishal took on the revamped LoOGies in week 3, and drew the short straw. They were beat pretty handedly, losing 0-2 in overwhelming fashion. After the draft in game one, it looked as if Felominishal had built a pretty strong draft for TotSQ, with Johanna, Ragnaros, Nazeebo, Cassia, and Stukov. But 30 seconds into the game it lost a lot of its strength, based solely on their laning choice. They decided to have Nazeebo solo and Ragnaros rotate with the 4 man. Not only was Nazeebo stacking his quest at half the speed as he would have in 2 lanes, he was ganked multiple times. They ended up losing that game in 17 minutes, and losing 2-12 on kills. Game 2 wasn’t any better, and they lost just as badly. Felominishal has shown signs of life, but I’d like to see them draft a little bit smarter, getting a strong 4 man and a strong solo laner with wave clear and self-sustain. If this team stops putting themselves at a disadvantage in drafts, they may be able to surprise some teams, if not they may keep getting smashed into the ground.

Felo was able to grab their first win in week 3 against team fuck on Braxis Holdout. Their team fight coordination was incredibly impressive. They were able to bait out the Hammer self-cleanse, then Judgment, into Colossal Smash, into Ring of frost. But Felominashal still has a lot of work to do in their macro and drafting. They still rely very heavily on Stitches, and they still don’t seem to understand what makes a good solo laner. This week they went with Stitches on Towers of Doom and Nazeebo on Braxis. Better teams will be able to abuse that flaw in a composition. This team looks to be improving, and looks a lot stronger with all 5 members, but they still have a long way to go.

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