TruMrFu’s Bush League Power Rankings Week #6

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With 2 weeks left in the season, it’s crunch time for our teams. If they are wanting to get into the playoffs, it comes down to this. Our Bush-Trolls Committee in on a much needed vacation, so it’s just me this week. I will break down what each team needs to do in order to get into the Chuck Norris Playoff Brackets, as well as what I expect to actually happen.


#1 – Best Coast Knight Owls (Record: 5-0-0 pts 15)(PW Rank #1) –

Remaining Schedule: Revolt (5pts) and Team FUCK (8pts)

Both teams left of the schedule for BCKO sit in the middle of the pack, and look to be fighting for that 3rd or 4th seed going into the playoffs. BCKO statistically has no way to miss the Chuck Norris Bracket, and the only way they can lose the #1 seed is if they lose 0-2 in the last 2 weeks, and GatJ’s finish with 2-0’s in their last 2 matches.

Expectation: BCKO may drop a map in weeks 6 or 7 if they try out more meme comps, but they should finish with the #1 seed going into the playoffs, and they seem like the strong favorite to win it all.

#2 -Gaddie and the Jets (Record 3-1-1 10 pts ) (PW Rank #2) –

Remaining Schedule: Xtra Cheese(4pts) and Felominashal! (4pts)

Gaddie and the Jets look like to have secured their spot in second, considering their score and their weak remaining schedule. They could drop down to the 3rd or 4th seed, but that doesn’t seem likely given their remaining schedule.

Expectation: Seems like GatJ should be cruising into the number 2 seed for the playoffs, and seem to be the top contender to take down BCKO for the league title.

#3 – Fourteen Underage Children Kneeling (Record 2-1-2 pts 8) (PW Rank #6)

Remaining Schedule: LoOG (5pts) and BCKO (15pts)

All season Long our committee has doubted Team Fuck, and their ability to win. Lead by Team Captain Zexerous, Team Fuck is just out here to have fun and play meme comps. They may be the Monkey Menagerie of Bush League. Currently standing in 3rd place, Team Fuck holds their fate in their own hands. But with possibly the hardest remaining schedule out of all the teams things may start to go sour for this group. In week 6 team Fuck needs to get at least a  1-1 victory against LoOG because the following week they take on the undefeated BCKO.

Expectations:  Team Fuck lose 0-2 this week and next week vs BCKO, but with a few loses from some other teams they could secure a playoff spot. Team Fuck, although currently in 3rd, may have shown their true colors last week against GatJ. This team is in charge of their own destiny and could easily get into the Chuck Norris Bracket, but they have 2 of the strongest teams left of their schedule.


#4T – League of Ordinary Gentlemen (Record 1-2-2 pts 5) (PW Rank #5) –

Remaining Schedule: Team Fuck (8pts) and Xtra Cheese (4pts)

LoOG is coming on strong, and they have a pretty favorable schedule left. Both of their opponents are middle of the pack when it comes to standings, but LoOG looks like they have become the team everyone thought they would be at the season’s start.

Expectations: If this team can find a way to get into the Chuck Norris bracket, they may be the darkhorse of the playoffs. They have the ability to be a top team in this league. This week when they take on Team Fuck, it should show us where this team is at for the playoffs.


#4T – Revolt (Record 1-2-2 pts 5) (PW Rank #7) –

Remaining Schedule: BCKO (15pts) and Try Harder (2pts)

Last week Revolt was a No-Show and was forced to forfeit their match against Felominishal. Revolt was a heavy favorite in that match, and really could have used the 3 points if they would’ve got the 2-0 everyone expected from them. This week they will probably fall 0-2 to BCKO, and depending on other games, that may cost them a spot in the Chuck Norris Bracket.

Expecations: Revolt should lose 0-2 to BCKO this week and get a 2-0 against Try Harder in week 7, bringing their points to 8. The playoff race is going to be tight, and I don’t think 8pts will be enough to get this team into the playoffs, unless team FUCK falls flat the final 2 weeks of the season.


#6 – Xtra Cheese (Record 1-3-1 pts 4) (PW Rank #4) –


Remaining Schedule: GatJ (10pts) and LoOG (5pts)

Xtra Cheese remaining schedule is a tough one, with GatJ and LoOG most likely being the 2 and 3 seed for the Chuck Norris Bracket. This team has a chance to make the 4 seed, but they are going to have to earn it. Even if this team isn’t looking, or expecting, to make the Chuck Norris bracket, if they are able to find a couple wins, they may be able to secure the top seed in the Betty White Bracket.

Expectations: This team has been falling since their win in week 1, and I don’t expect anything different these next 2 weeks. They will most likely lose both final games 0-2, which could land them in last place.


#7 – Felominahal! (Record 1-3-1 pts 4) (PW Rank #8) –

Remaining Sechdule: Try Harder (2pts) and GatJ (10pts)

Felominashal was handed their first win last week when Revolt was a no-show. So yes they are in 7th place (lost head to head with Xtra Cheese), but record isn’t going to mean much going into the playoffs. This week they play Try Harder in a match that may determine last place. But it could also be the difference between matching with Xtra cheese in the first round of the playoffs, or possible LoOG.

Expectations: This team will most likely lose their last 2 matches 0-2 and then get swept in the first round of the Betty White Bracket. They have shown some signs of great play, but too often they have lost games in the drafts. But they have the opportunity to steal 2 games in the playoffs, and surprise everyone.

#8 – Try Harder (Record 0-2-3  pts 2) (PW Rank #3) –

Remaining Schedule: Felominishal (4pts) and Revolt (5pts)

Try Harder has really struggled to all get on the same page this season, and because of it they are statistically out of the Chuck Norris Bracket playoffs race. Try Harder is the only team without a match win this season, after Felominashal! got the victory from the Revolt forfeit. Try harder gets their shot at Felo this week and wants to prove that they are the dominant team Fringe thinks they are.

Expectations: Try harder should beat Felominishal this week, and that should end up landing them the 3rd seed for the Betty White Bracket, meaning they will most likely face Xtra Cheese in round 1. FringeAverage had his team as one of the top teams in the preseason rankings on The GankbushSqaud podcast, and they will look to turn it around just in time for the Betty White Bracket.

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