Wait, they are really letting HER write for them?

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For those of you who don’t know me, which is probably most of you, let me introduce myself.


Back in January of this year, I started a blog to cover HGC in EU and NA. I managed to keep it going for about 6 weeks and then life got in the way, and I didn’t have the time to really keep it up to the standard that I wanted. Over the summer, I picked up two additional jobs, and I was barely watching HGC live, but still watching the VODs. I restarted my blog just for the finals to cover BlizzCon because, again, I wasn’t happy with the level of coverage, and I wanted my voice to be out there again. Shortly after I made my post about odds on winning BlizzCon, the guys at Trollin HGC sent me a message on Twitter:

 So, after days of negotiations, and finally settling on a six figure salary (all zeros, but at least there are six of them), I am bringing my tens of readers over to Trolls.gg!

The rest of this is a quick intro to me, using the “Negative voice in my head” trope that I stole outright from Jim Gaffigan. I added the fucks.

“That’s great, but who the fuck are you?”

I’m Anne Elise Morrigan. An almost 40-year-old transwoman, living and working in Michigan, married, former raid healer in WoW, current tank player in Bronze League. That’s right! I’m the proof that not all transgirls are grandmasters at Heroes! Faye - grandmaster; Steph - grandmaster; Anne - Bronze shitter!

“Why the fuck are we reading your crap?”

Well, my blog, which you can still read at anneelisehots.blogspot.com, garnered tens of viewers, and I have a great track record of picking HGC matches.

“So, what, you are just gonna give your opinion about pros? Who cares!”

No, my pieces will not be opinion pieces. They will be analyses in which I use reason to make arguments and draw conclusions, based on what evidence we have. If I were giving my opinion, it would be things like “Tempo Storm is the BEST!” because that is what I think and who I cheer for. Also, I’m right. A lot. I’m wrong, too. It happens to all of us. When it happens to me, please send me a message about it! I love and welcome well-thought out, reasoned ideas that disagree with me!

“So, like, what are you covering?”

I’m covering NA and EU HGC, as I did previously for my blog. Even though the season is over, 2018 is already starting off with roster moves. I have breakdowns of what happened at Blizzcon, and hopefully, much more.

“You’re a bronze player! Why should anyone listen to you?”

You don’t have to. Hopefully, you will like what I write, and, as you engage with me and the ideas I put out, it will help us grow the discussion around the pro scene and following these teams, players, and the esport we all love, increasing our knowledge and enjoyment of this amazing game.

“I just read your Twitter at twitter.com/anne_elise. Are you going to bring your politics to this page and mix it with my game, because rabble rabble rabble…”

Calm down. There will be no politics in my posts here.

“What about all that LGBTQSHIT I see you tweeting about? Why did you even bring it up? What does it matter?”

Really? Blizzard, in their opening at Blizzcon this year, heavily featured the previously mentioned Steph, and regularly have her stream on the launcher. They seem to think diversity and inclusion are a big part of their games. I can assure you that reading my posts won’t turn you gay or trans… well, as far as I know, the FDA results on reading my posts are inconclusive.

“What about this #AnneForDictator?”

Just a meme. Please don’t take it too seriously. I also use #AnneWorldOrder and #Annetocracy.

However, #AnneForHGCCommissioner, that is serious as fuck. Get that trending. CC: @HeroesEsports and @BlizzHeroes on that.

“Why do you use such naughty language? Aren’t you an English teacher or something?”

I asked before I came on if they wanted me to tone down my language. They liked the tone of my blog, and I decided that, at least for now, I will use George Carlin’s Seven Words when and where I feel appropriate. I mean, the name of this site is Trolls.gg. Since when do trolls care about naughty words?