Warrior Weekly Wrap-up Episode 3 (We are in this together!)


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Episode 3 – New partnership with https://fremonttribune.com/ . Go over week 1 results of the Overwatch pre-season and Q&A with Allden “Monika” Smith. Join community at www.trolls.gg . Music courtesy of https://www.bensound.com


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Nate “dorshe1” Louderback has proved that he can obtain useless scraps of paper with a Masters Degree in Political Science and a Masters in Business Administration. In his day job he is the consummate financial professional, but at night he transforms into a Blizzard fanboi!

He enjoys being an active participant in the amateur Heroes of the Storm scene as a participant in Bush League. If you have ideas for stories, podcasts, Twitch.tv shows, or just want to chat, feel free to contact him at dorshe1@trolls.gg or @Nlouderback.