Support The Shows

Throughout the network, all of our content creators spend a lot of time and effort into producing the shows you have all come to love. We will never require anyone support the show financially in order to access our content…. Our content is, and will always be free to consume. However, if you’re looking for a way to help us out, you don’t even need to do so financially. In fact, even just watching, listening and downloading our shows is much appreciated and is the best form of support any creators could ask for.

That being said, if you’re looking to help out the shows in other ways, there’s several methods you can do so, and some of them don’t require a dime.

Any money that you do send our way is used to cover the costs of the shows, as well as for giveaways and swag that we give out at BlizzCon.

Financial Support

  • Patreon

    Patreon is a website where fans can support the content creators they love. has a Patreon page setup at where you can toss a few dollars our way on a regular basis. We give all Patrons of our network shout-outs on our shows on a regular basis.

  • PayPal Donation

    If you’re looking to send us a direct donation, wanting to make sure that the maximum amount of your donation goes directly into our hands, PayPal is the best way to do this. Head over to to make a donation.

  • Twitch Subscribe are Twitch Affiliates, which means that you can head over to our Twitch page at and subscribe to us on Twitch. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you also get to subscribe to one stream for free on Twitch, and we’d love to be that stream!

Other Support

  • 5 Star Reviews

    Head over to any of our shows on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or wherever you find your podcasts online and leave us a review. While we periodically check our podcast pages on these services for reviews, let us know if you leave a review and we’ll make sure to give you a shout-out on the show.

  • Twitter

    Follow one of our Twitter accounts, and make sure to like, retweet or comment on our posts.

  • Twitch Follow

    Follow us on Twitch. If you can’t subscribe, following is the next best thing. You can even setup notifications for when we go online. You can follow us on Twitch by heading to our Twitch page over at

  • Hang Out In Game!

    The hosts of the shows as well as members of the community are often found lurking in game in the “TrollsGG” chat channel. Just type “/join trollsgg” into chat and you’ll instantly join our chat channel. Message us anytime, we’re always looking for games with viewers!

  • YouTube

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to find out when we publish new video content, including shows, highlights, interviews and special segments.