Hoofit’s totally right power rankings


Hoofit’s totally right power rankings This is more a tier system to rate the teams than an absolute ranking of where the teams will finish. Partially because of the nature of the groups Group A looks to be less challenging than B and partially because the best of three Quarterfinals can lead to unexpected outcomes. Nevertheless, here we go. The … Read More

Trollin the Playoffs – NA Road to Blizzcon

Anne EliseNews

by: Anne Elise Morrigan It’s fall. That means the traditions of leaves changing colors, apple cider tasting better as it gets colder, Twitter users spending a month celebrating Halloween, and all of us wondering how the hell Tempo Storm failed to get the automatic bid to Blizzcon for the second year in a row! On to the predictions! Friday, September … Read More

What went wrong for NA at Blizzcon

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A lot of fans were happy and disappointed with the performance of NA teams at Blizzcon. In truth, everyone should just be happy, but perhaps, our memories of past triumphs have clouded out vision of the present realities, as those memories are incomplete.
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