Hoofit Provides Thoughts on HGC Cancellation


My Background as a Blizzard fan I have been a huge Blizzard fan for many years, from Warcraft 2 onwards. I got into the WoW beta and have met many friends in person from the game, some of which I am still in contact with to this day. When I got into the technical alpha for Heroes I was intrigued, … Read More

Hoofit’s totally right power rankings


Hoofit’s totally right power rankings This is more a tier system to rate the teams than an absolute ranking of where the teams will finish. Partially because of the nature of the groups Group A looks to be less challenging than B and partially because the best of three Quarterfinals can lead to unexpected outcomes. Nevertheless, here we go. The … Read More

NGS Division A Playoffs | First Look


The Nexus Gaming Series regular season number five is now over and a matter of historical record. The playoff picture, however, is not yet entirely clear. In this calm before the post-season storm, let’s assess where we’ve been and where we’re headed. There are eight playoff seeds for each region in each division. Six of those seeds are secured by … Read More

Trollin the Playoffs – NA Road to Blizzcon

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by: Anne Elise Morrigan It’s fall. That means the traditions of leaves changing colors, apple cider tasting better as it gets colder, Twitter users spending a month celebrating Halloween, and all of us wondering how the hell Tempo Storm failed to get the automatic bid to Blizzcon for the second year in a row! On to the predictions! Friday, September … Read More

Day 1 predictions

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Day 1 predictions Please click here for an overall discussion of what I think will happen in the Eastern Clash. SPT 1 vs Blossom 2 SPT finished second in the league season and are the no 1 seeded Chinese team at the Eastern Clash by virtue of beating TheOne in their play-off finals.  Team Blossom barely qualified for the Eastern … Read More

Eastern Clash China, upsets and Gen.G

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The Western Clash just finished and it created plenty of talking points. Upsets aplenty with Team Liquid and Tempo Storm going out on the first day.  A great run from the unfancied Leftovers (EU’s 4th seed) which saw them reach the finals, and of course, Team Dignitas having an utterly dominant tournament not dropping a single map. The production was … Read More