Nexus Gaming Series Mead Hall – Sunday January 20, 2019


Nexus Gaming Series has announced a new Mead Hall meeting on January 20, 2019. From Aura on the NGS Discord:   @everyone I don’t think you ready for this jelly…. MEAD HALL THIS SUNDAY 20th AT 6pm PST! That’s right! Season 6 sign ups are right around the corner on the 21st so be sure to tune in for all … Read More

Division D Grand Finals

Jaxter 37News

Date: Friday, October 26th, 6:00PM PST on w/ Tudy and Mystik Well, we’ve finally made it. What started out as 32 regular season teams has been narrowed down to two, one from the West and the other from the East: Off-Brand Cereal(1) and That was Jimmy(3). Both set to clash tonight in what will undoubtedly be one of the … Read More

Division A Grand Finals

Jaxter 37News

Date: Monday, October 21th, 7:00PM PST on   Hey everyone, I’m Jaxster37, Editor in Chief and Division D/E writer, filling in for oddthought this week here to give everyone a brief preview of the Division A Grand Finals happening tonight. Tonight, we have two heavyweights ready to throwdown and give everything they have to prove they have what it … Read More

Division D West Finals

Jaxter 37News

Date: Friday, October 19th, 8:00PM PST on   With That was Jimmy taking down United East on Wednesday, our attention must move to the West where tonight Mildly Interesting is going to be looking to take down the undisputed kings so far this season, Off-Brand Cereal. The two teams are fixing to go all out tonight as they vie … Read More

Division D East Finals

Jaxter 37News

Wednesday, October 17th, 6:00PM PST on   We’re nearing the end of our playoff journey and only 4 Division D teams remain: That was Jimmy(3) and United East(4) in the East and Off-Brand Cereal(1), and Mildly Interesting(6) in the West. This week, both regions will decide on their finalists to represent them in the Grand Finals. Let’s look at … Read More

NGS Div C and Wildcard Weekend

Red ConscriptNews

By Red Conscript So Wildcard Weekend is upon us. I’ll give a quick overview of the standings and then a peek at the meta. There are 11 teams signed up, 6 from West and five from East. With the 7th seed PsychoSwarm from the West and the 7th and 8th seeds House of Chez and Team Skorpious from the East … Read More

NGS Division A Playoffs | First Look


The Nexus Gaming Series regular season number five is now over and a matter of historical record. The playoff picture, however, is not yet entirely clear. In this calm before the post-season storm, let’s assess where we’ve been and where we’re headed. There are eight playoff seeds for each region in each division. Six of those seeds are secured by … Read More

Wild Card/Playoff Preview for NGS Divisions D/E

Jaxter 37News

By Jaxster37 Howdy everyone. Sorry about the delay in articles, but I’m sure you can imagine it’s been pretty hectic over here with the NGS blog going down. Regardless, the rest of the writers and I have made a commitment to finish out the season strong and continue covering the happenings around the divisions. Another big thanks to who … Read More

NGS Heroic Division Wild Card Preview

Random TaskNews

Hello everyone, this is RandomTask and I bring to you my Wildcard Weekend outlook for the Heroic division of the NGS playoffs. For arguments sake, I am going to assume every team that is able is going to participate in the Wildcard Weekend. To preface this entire article, I’m going to say that I believe that the teams that show … Read More