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The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast covering news, strategy and the community surrounding Heroes of the Storm. The podcast is hosted by Daz, Mystic, Liqiud and streamed live on Twitch at every Thursdat at 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific. Follow us on Twitter at @TheNexusTrolls for show information, Heroes of the Storm news, and more.

Latest Episode

On the show today, we had famous streamer and HotS media personality Heccu join us to talk about her journey into HotS as a streamer and interviewer.  But that’s not all, we also had a ram packed week full of Deckard Cain announcements, patch notes, developer updates and more!  Sit back and enjoy!

If you’re looking for Heccu online, follow her wherever she can be found:

Show outline:

  • Interview with Heccu – 1:09
  • News – 19:48
  • Patch Notes Blitz – 24:22
  • Stay Awhile and Listen… (Deckard Cain thoughts) – 1:01:17
  • Lore of the Storm (PAX East announcement) – 1:12:13:30
  • Developer Update
    • MMR and Matchmaking – 1:20:43
    • Fixing Ranked – 1:28:22
    • Toxic Cleanup, Aisle 3 – 1:35:44
  • Look Who’s Talking (Reflection on state of voice comms) – 1:39:47
  • Fenix’s Tune Down – 1:43:05
  • Johanna Needs Love – 1:52:48

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The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast all about Blizzard’s Heroes Of The Storm.  The podcast is hosted by Daz, LiQiuD and Mystic, and can be viewed live weekly on Thursday’s at 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST on Twitch at

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