013b – From the Shadows (Part 2)

DazThe Nexus Trolls - A Heroes of the Storm Podcast

We have a mini-show that we put together today as a supplement to the standard Episode 13 we did a couple of days ago.  If you watched (or listened) to our previous show, you know Liqiud had to deal with a minor work emergency, and had to leave mid-show.  His absence forced us to miss both his eSports segment as well as the HotS debate, so we put together this mini-show to cover those segments.

The HotS debate this week is Daz vs Liqiud debating the topic that “Tanks are the most important role in the game”.  Liqiud is defending the topic, Daz is arguing against it.  Vote for the winner on Twitter at:


The loser will be composing a love poem to Murky and reciting it on next week’s show and posting it on Reddit.  Sit back and enjoy the show!

Our show notes for this episode can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cHm8QyBRA5pfOTp5NxueyU-EnSe6LJsXToDnu6CaJ0Y

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