052 – Learning Fives with Silthreent

DazThe Nexus Trolls - A Heroes of the Storm Podcast

On the show today, we’ve got a special guest, Silthreent the program director for Learning Fives, an educational program for HotS that has made its way over after being a big hit with League of Legends.  LiQiuD came down with the flu just before the show, so we had to cut out some content, including a lot of our eSports coverage and our planned HotS debate,  however, we take some listener questions, we have Mystic’s shakedown and more.  Sit back and enjoy!

Silthreent and Learning Fives can be found on Discord (discord.gg/qw3fdJW), Facebook (facebook.com/Learning5s) or Twitter (twitter.com/Learning5s)

  • Learning Fives with Silthreent – 3:00
  • News – 13:00
  • Listener Questions – 20:30
  • Mystic’s Shakedown – 33:30

Our show notes for this episode can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16CMg2ADK5RbVz4wuABmGlJDa28jHNR4u19Ul65gOFDQ

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