071 – Who’s OP Now?

DazThe Nexus Trolls - A Heroes of the Storm Podcast

Mystic and Daz are joined by Trolls.gg writer Rozai for the second week in a row, we’re again testing out our new format, taking our ‘Pardon The Interruption’ for a spin again.  A lot of great topics this week!  Sit back and enjoy!

  • News – 3:13
  • Eastern Clash – 5:25
  • Space Age is Over (Spacestation Gaming withdraws sponsorship) – 10:29
  • Maiev, Still OP – 15:55
  • Thrall Needs Nerfin’ – 21:05
  • Bacon’s Support Woes (Can you support main in HL?) – 26:25
  • Toxic Cleanup in Aisle HL (Toxicity down trending in HL) – 31:37
  • Look Who’s Brawling (State of Brawl) – 37:00
  • Blizzard, You Tease (Next hero tease discussion) – 42:22
  • Mystic’s Shakedown – 47:48

Our show notes for this episode can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rNSLB-y6sVyD13kMSGLxyVC_cZ45Id6RAuG6cB-NUQc

The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast all about Blizzard’s Heroes Of The Storm.  The podcast is hosted by Daz, LiQiuD and Mystic, and can be viewed live weekly on Wednesday’s at 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST on Twitch at twitch.tv/TrollsGG.

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