August Muster!

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Trolls GG

The enemy is at our gates and we are mustering our forces to be ready to turn the tide. Here is what we have upcoming this month:

1) Re-organized the Patreon Tier Structure (added the $5 Troll Hunter Tier), will be adding a limited $35 later this month.

2) Updated our Site Goals.

-Patron only Blizzard Gift Card Drawing when we get to $125 monthly pledges

-$150 Monthly Patron Exclusive Content (exclusive interviews, character/map guides,etc…).

-$200 Monthly and we will create a new podcast for Amateur HotS.

3) We are doing a $20 gift card giveaway for everyone at the end of the month. Existing patrons are all entered and will get extra entries if they increase their pledge during the month of August.

4) Opening up content creator positions so that we can get more activity in our community.

5) Implemented a tipping system for our website content creators. You now have the opportunity to show appreciation to the community content creators on each post they make!

6) Community Gaming Nights!

Coming Soon™: Website update that will include pages for community content creators (Community Coaches, Streamers, etc…), adding additional podcasts, adding only content, and of course, more Bush League collaboration.

We are excited for what we will do together in the future. Thank you for all of your support!

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