WhiteMane Initial Impressions

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WhiteMane Initial Impressions


WhiteMane is the newest support added to Heroes of The Storm. Her basic kit is unique from other supports due to her healing capability is directly tied to her damage output.

Trait: WhiteMain’s trait ties her damage output to her healing capability. WhiteMane’s healing abilities will apply Zeal to the target for 8 seconds. Allies who are affected by Zeal will be healed for 100% of WhiteMane’s damage against enemy heroes.

Q Ability: Desperate Plea is a small burst heal that is used to apply Zeal on allied heroes. Each use of Desperate Plea creates one stack of Desperation; each successive stack of Desperation (limit 3) greatly increases the mana cost of Desperate Plea.

W Ability: Inquisition is a channeled ability that creates a beam to damage enemy heroes. While using Inquisition WhiteMane is rooted in place and any form of movement will stop this channel.

E Ability: Searing Lash is a medium range poking ability. Searing Lash creates two crossing strikes; the second strike’s creation is dependent on the first strike contacting an enemy hero.

R1 Heroic Ability: WhiteMane’s first heroic is Scarlet Aegis. This ability creates an area of effect around WhiteMane; any allied heroes in this area will be healed for a medium amount of health. Due to this ability healing allies, Zeal will be applied (or refreshed) to all allies affected by this ability. This ability has a notably short cooldown causing it to be able to contest similar abilities such as Blaze’s bunker.

R2 Heroic Ability: WhiteMane’s second heroic is Divine Reckoning. After 1 second, WhiteMane creates a large area where fire will rain upon her enemies; this area lasts for seconds and does a small tick of damage to all enemies caught inside every ½ second. This heroic is much more aggressive than the previous due to how much damage (which will in turn be healing) can be produced, however this is balanced by having a substantially longer cooldown in comparison to Scarlet Aegis.

Stand-Out Talents:
Level 1
Clemency: Clemency allows WhiteMane to heal allies out of combat. Due to Clemency being a direct heal from WhiteMane, this also allows WhiteMane to apply Zeal through means other than Desperate Plea. Another major reason to go Clemency is the cooldown reduction it offers on Inquisition; this cooldown reduction will play a major role after level 4.

Pity The Frail: I would suggest looking into this talent against compositions who struggle with finishing power. For example, if the enemy draft contains two sources of sustained damage, this talent could gain an extreme amount of value as your allies will be continuously on low health.

Level 4
High Inquisitor: High Inquisitor is the only talent on level 4 that I would recommend. This talent completely mitigates the mana starvation created by the Desperation mechanic.

Level 7
Fanatical Power: Fanatical Power is an extremely interesting talent from a design perspective. This talent allows the player the momentarily sacrifice 25 armor in exchange for 50% bonus spell power. This spell power will drastically increase WhiteMane’s damage, which will result in an increased level of healing. It is worth noting that this bonus does not apply twice (meaning this does not apply to your damage and then apply again to your healing which would effectively double the healing output).
Intercession: It is a cleanse, enough said.

Level 13
Harsh Discipline: This talent gives WhiteMane the opportunity for hard crowd control. Against aggressive dive compositions this talent may be enough to counter the dive and lock the enemy in the middle of your team. The combo needed to land this root is also deceptively easy to land. The WhiteMane player simply has to press E then W in a quick succession on the desired enemy. It is also worth noting that this talent simply states they must be hit by one of the lashes from the E ability, which does not distinguish between the first or second.
Guiding Light: Guiding Light is a simple talent that can have a substantial impact. To boil this talent down to its simplest degree, any ally who is affected by a Zeal will have a 20% movespeed buff.

Level 16
Radiance: Radiance is a very strong talent when paired with High Inquisitor as you can safely gain 3 stacks of Desperation without having to suffer the resulting mana cost.
Shared Punishment: Shared Punishment causes your inquisition to bounce to an additional enemy, this causes your healing from Inquisition to be nearly doubled. This talent has interesting synergies with the previous talents such as Clemency or Harsh Discipline (Clemency: Cause Inquisition to bounce to an enemy while channeling on your ally – Harsh Discipline: The ability to essentially root 2 enemies with a single inquisition).

Level 20
All Level 20: All of WhiteMane’s level 20s are extremely powerful and should be considered on a case by case basis.

Tips and Tricks:

1: The most important tip I can give you is that each time
WhiteMane gains a stack of desperation,the desperation timer is reset; this
allows WhiteMane to sustain fights much longer min-maxing the timers on Zeal/ Desperation (each stack of desperation lasts for 4 seconds while Zeal lasts for 8 seconds).

2: WhiteMane’s healing is buffed by decreasing opponent’s armor (Example: if Tyrande marks the enemy as WhiteMane damage it, WhiteMane will deal more damage, thus increasing her healing output).

3: Do not forget to weave in auto attacks as WhiteMane, this can
significantly increase her healing numbers.

4: Clemency counts for the Desperation removal from High Inquisitor.

5: After taking High Inquisitor at level 4, the extra mana usage from Desperation is calculated after the timed is completed – this is abusable with the correct build to create a nearly 100% uptime zeal.


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