Trollin the Playoffs – EU Road to Blizzcon

Anne EliseNews, Trollin HGC - A Heroes of the Storm Podcast

By Anne Elise Morrigan


The season went by quickly and in that, a lot got missed. I missed most of the games live (had to watch a lot of VODs), and I obviously wasn’t able to live-tweet the games the way that I had been doing some time ago. But it’s playoff time, and that memes –

Ah fuck it. It means predictions.

Friday, September 28th:


Method vs. Granit Gaming:


Method took multiple series over the course of the year with a 3-1 record, and a map record of 9-3. Those stats alone make this look like Method is going to stomp Granit. However, Granit Gaming took the most recent series in a 3-0 sweep, and Method has looked vulnerable since the Western Clash. Method ended the season with five straight losses and without a reverse sweep against Monkey Menagerie, it would be six straight. Granit Gaming would benefit from this slide, if they hadn’t been equally terrible. Aside from beating Method, Granit hasn’t won a series since July 20th. So, while Method needs to prove that they are the team that went to the Western Clash this year and Blizzcon last year (as Team expert), Granit Gaming needs to prove that they didn’t belong the in crucible. The series should be good though – most EU series are – and it will come down to one factor: don’t bet against adrd in single elimination. Method wins, 3-1.


Saturday, September 29th:


Leftovers vs. Method:


Leftovers have been a nice surprise in Phase 2 of 2018. Since storming through the losers’ bracket of the Western Clash, they finished the phase with a 9-5 match record and a +7 map score. Their wins were impressive, as they defeated the two Blizzcon automatic qualifiers in Team Liquid and Team Dignitas, handing the latter their only match loss since the Mid-Season Brawl. They enter the playoffs a hot team on a four match win streak, and look eager to prove that their run at the Western Clash wasn’t a fluke. Method still looks like they are trying to find their footing right now, and even though I said don’t bet against adrd, you also really can’t bet against Mopsio. Leftovers win, 3-2.


Sunday, September 30th:


Fnatic vs. Leftovers:


Fnatic has not only been to the last two Blizzcons, but they have finished second both times. When they missed the Western Clash, it was a shocker. Since then, Fnatic posted a 6-1 match record, with 20-5 map record to surge into third place in Part 2 of Phase 2. They have a better plus minus map score than the #2 seed Team Liquid, and that’s with one fewer match win in the phase. Fnatic has looked more dominant than any team in EU not named “Dignitas,” and the thought of missing Blizzcon seems to have set this team on a path. Now, they did beat Leftovers in their match up in Part 2, but Leftovers did get them in Part 1. This is a rubber match to decide who goes to Blizzcon, and here, you have to go with experience: Mene, Breez, scHwimpi, and SmX, have all done this dance before, and they look like it. No one on Leftovers has been this close, and they won’t get any closer. In a barn burner, Fnatic wins 3-2.


The EU playoffs look like three series that should be extremely entertaining. All four teams have a lot to prove, and each series has a chance to go either way. This should be some of the best Heroes of the Storm pro play we see all season.

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