Western Clash Day 1 Reactions and Day 2 Predictions

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My bracket is fucked and so is yours!

By Anne Elise Morrigan

So if you read my first round predictions, then you know I was pretty sure about a few things:

  • No upsets
  • HHE would dominate Leftovers
  • Liquid would dominate Freedom
  • Octalysis would be the first team eliminated
  • Leftovers would be the second team eliminated

And then NONE of that happened! EU 3, Method, upset NA 2, Tempo Storm. EU 4, Leftovers, dominated NA 1, HeroesHearth Esports. NA 3, Team Freedom, upset EU 2, Team Liquid.


And if you are sitting at home saying “Called it!” you are a liar. Pics or it didn’t happen!

And then, Team Octalysis upset Tempo Storm. So, I’ll just leave this here:

Maybe, as a community, we have been a little too harsh on Prismaticism’s complaint about ping during HGC. Maybe we were lagging behind on this issue.

And I have nothing. I thought Tempo Storm was significantly better Team Octalysis, but that gap just evaporated while playing a lan event. So, here’s the snapshot of day 2:

  • Dignitas is still in control. Nothing happened that put any doubt in anyone’s mind that this is their tournament.
  • HHE got a wake up call, which they needed as they need to be reminded that they still have room for improvement.
  • No one has any idea what the grand finals will look like. NO ONE!

I’m exhausted just thinking about all of this!

OK, enough stalling, day two predictions!

Match 1: Team Dignitas over Method, 3-0

Method is one of two teams in Phase 2 that has gotten a map win over Dignitas. This is not a tournament for Dignitas any more; this is a statement. Dignitas benefited from being able to  study the meta after their convincing first round win. Giving a team the caliber of Dignitas that kind of time to prepare and watch means they are going to come out and just destroy Method. Method will make games 2 and 3 interesting; adrd will pull out at least one pocket strat his has prepped for Dignitas, but this will be a sweep.

Match 2: Team Freedom over Leftovers, 3-2

Looking at common opponents because it’s all I have to go on. Leftovers lost to Team Liquid, 3-0 in Week 2 of Phase 2. Team Freedom lost to HeroesHearth Esports, 3-1 in Week 1 of Phase 2. So based on nothing else, I am giving Team Freedom an edge here. So, let’s try saying some words you have never said: Team Freedom will advance to the winners’ final of the Western Clash.

Also, if you say you had this match on day 2, I’m calling you a liar. No one saw this coming.

Match 3: HeroesHearth Esports over Method, 3-1

HHE should feel embarrassed. This is a team that was in serious contention to win the Clash. They got swept by Leftovers. They turned around and swept Team Liquid. Method will be coming off a demoralizing defeat at the hands of Dignitas. The series will be competitive, but HHE believes that they can still win this, and they should be able to pull it together. The NA hope remains alive.

Match 4: Team Octalysis over Leftovers, 3-0

Octalysis is going to have all day to come down from defeating their rivals in Tempo Storm. They will have a front row seat to Team Freedom and Leftovers, and then, two hours to prepare after that. Leftovers will be in a grueling fight with Freedom, and the loss is going to knock them down. I wonder if Leftovers have anything left after their first two matches.

So, that’s what’s going to happen, which means, at the end of Day 2… Dignitas will be the sole surviving EU team!

Chew on that!

See you Saturday night/Sunday morning for predictions for the final day!

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