Western Clash Day 2 Reactions and Finals Predictions

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It’s not a spoiler; it’s a promise – #DIGWIN

By Anne Elise Morrigan

In a surprise to no one, there are three EU teams and one NA team left in the Western Clash. You can say it’s a surprise to me, and yeah, I predicted NA would do well in the lower bracket, but that was contingent on 1) Method being deflated after being swept by Dignitas (they obviously were not) and 2) Octalysis being able to prepare better for Leftovers (they looked like they were, um… Illidan? Can you handle this one?)

So, we are living in a Western Scene where the NA darlings, HeroesHearth Esports and Tempo Storm, are eliminated, last year’s top NA team heading into Blizzcon, Team Octalysis, was crushed 3-0 by #4 EU Leftovers, and the team no one really expected much of, Team Freedom, is readying their sling and looking for a rock to heave at Team Dignitas.

Oh, and everyone has to do a shot every time a caster says something about gods bleeding.

I have no idea who is going to make it into the grand final with Team Dignitas. All I know is that someone has to.

So, Final Day predictions!

Match 1: Team Dignitas over Team Freedom, 3-0

Let’s be honest: no one is beating Team Dignitas. At this point, I don’t think anyone left in the tournament can take a map off of them. Yes, I boldly predicted that Dignitas would lose the Western Clash, but the teams I said that could take Dignitas down (Dig Dug?) are all gone. HeroesHearth, Tempo Storm, and Liquid are the only teams that I thought could cut  Dignitas, or at least give them a little razor burn (everyone do a shot). Team Freedom might have a comp that will work for a few levels before Dignitas figures it out, but they will, and then, they will stomp it. #DIGWIN

Match 2: Method over Leftovers, 3-1

Leftovers have overperformed in much the same way that Team Freedom did. The problem is that they are facing off against adrd drafting in the lower bracket, and if we return to the last Clash, that doesn’t bode well for them. Teams with adrd are always more dangerous when they are closer to elimination. I should have considered that when I picked HHE to take out Method today, but I didn’t. I’m not making that mistake again. Leftovers will make it interesting, but they aren’t ready for primetime… yet.

Match 3: Method over Team Freedom, 3-2

Team Freedom IS ready for primetime, but I don’t think they are ready for Method. Yes, they did pull it out against Liquid, but Team Liquid’s 18-11 map record tells a tale of a 6-1 team that struggles with consistency. Method is really coming online as they have pulled back to what is closer to their previous scary roster, and Team Freedom should be afraid. Very afraid. Team Freedom will make it interesting because they probably know that this is their likely path, and they have been surprising so far. I just think as Method approaches their final form, only one thing can stop them…

Match 4: Team Dignitas over Method, 4-0.

Since the start of phase two, Dignitas and Method have played twice: once in league play; once at this tournament. Dignitas is 2-0, with a 6-1 map score. Here’s the scary part: the game they dropped was the first game of the match in league play. After they figured Method out, which took them one game, they haven’t been close to dropping a map to Method. It’s anticlimactic, but I said before: this is no longer a tournament for Team Dignitas – this is a statement. It’s a challenge to Gen.G for next week. Get through your Clash unscathed, and we’ll see you for the rematch at BlizzCon. Don’t think for a second that Team Dignitas will take Method or anyone else lightly. They are going to come in and look to dominate.

They aren’t seeking a trophy or a payday. They are seeking perfection.

And they will most likely attain it.


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