Day 1 predictions

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Day 1 predictions

Please click here for an overall discussion of what I think will happen in the Eastern Clash.

SPT 1 vs Blossom 2
SPT finished second in the league season and are the no 1 seeded Chinese team at the Eastern Clash by virtue of beating TheOne in their play-off finals.  Team Blossom barely qualified for the Eastern Clash with the same win/loss and map score as the 5th place team, Miracle. One more map loss would have seen Miracle go to  Eastern Clash instead, Blossom going by virtue of beating Miracle in the head to head matchup. I’m not impressed with Hongcono who after a break still seems to have ‘moments of madness’ and Gondor on ranged seems like a waste of his talent. I genuinely think this has a decent chance to be an upset and a Chinese win by SPT. But recently China has been very disappointing so I am going to go with grudgingly a 2-1 Team Blossom win. This is the match most likely chance of a Chinese win over KR on day 1.

CE 0 vs Tempest 2
Mid Season Brawl saw us with no Chinese visa issues, but Eastern Clash makes an unwelcome return as CE suffer the visa curse. CE with 2 subs will be playing against Tempest who looked good at the MSB only losing to the two finalists and I think will reach the final. I predict an easy 2-0 to Tempest. Look out for fan favourite Timeless subbing in for CE known for his whacky builds/talent choices.

BTG 0 vs Gen.G 2
BTG are the fourth seed of the weakest major region. Gen.G is the best team in the world. This will be a monumental mismatch which Gen.G will dominate 2-0.

TheOne 1 vs Ballistix 2
Despite being the no 2 Chinese seed I believe that TheOne are the best Chinese team there, though they face a team with plenty of international experience. I think TheOne will be competitive but will lose a close game series, taking a map off Ballistix.

Loser’s finals
It’s hard to make a prediction on matches when you don’t know what you are even predicting, so I won’t. I will only say that it’s likely that it will be an all Chinese lower bracket and if so TheOne and SPT will go through as they’re by far the best 2 teams in China. In the small but possible chance that a Korean team drops to the lower bracket they will beat whichever of CE or BTG they face.


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