TruMrFu’s Bush League Week 9 Preview

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The final week of the regular season for Bush league season 2 is here. After looking at the rankings this week, there is quite the race for the final spot in the upper playoff bracket, also known as the Chuck Norris Bracket. There is also a chance we end up with a tie for 4th place as well, and even a 3 way tie. After speaking with the admins on tie-breaker rules it seems as though the tie breaker will be the head to head matchup during the regular season. And if that was split 1-1, it will go to a sudden death playoff match. When I asked what happens with a 3 way tie, I was told “We will figure it out when the time comes.” Going into week 9, not a single team has been eliminated from the playoffs. I will do my best to explain how each of our teams can find their way into that final spot.

(*)Team has clinched a spot in the Chuck Norris Bracket

Game #1

(2nd-13pts) -GatJ*        VS        Felominishal! (8th-4pts) 

-GatJ has clinched a spot in the playoffs. If they lose 0-2, they could drop down to the 3rd seed, but either way they will be taking on Team FUCK in the first round of the playoffs, so they have nothing to lose here.

-For Felominishal!, with how murky the rules are they still have a chance to make the Chuck Norris bracket. It’s going to have to start with the difficult task of getting a 2-0 Victory against the #2 team in the league. I will explain what else needs to happen as we go through the other games (Skip to the bottom of game #3 to see). Otherwise, this match will have no effect on the rest of the standings.

Game #2

(4th-6pts) Try Harder        VS        Revolt (T5th-5pts)       

-2-0 Try Harder Victory means Try Harder clinches the 4th and final playoff spot, all other teams are eliminated.

-1-1 Split means Revolt will be the first team eliminated from the playoffs, but Try Harder doesn’t clinch yet.

-2-0 Revolt Victory means  Xtra Cheese, Try Harder, and Felominishal! are eliminated, but Revolt doesn’t secure the final spot yet.

Game #3

(7th-4pts) – Xtra Cheese        Vs         LoOG (T5th-5pts)          

If 2-0 Try Harder Victory in Game #2

-both teams would be eliminated, and this match (Game #3) would just be about seeding in the Betty White Bracket.

If 2-0 Revolt Victory in Game #2

-Xtra Cheese is already eliminated

-LoOG would need to win 2-0 in order to stay in the playoff race. If they do, and since they split their series in the regular season with Revolt, they would have to play a sudden death, winner takes all match against Revolt for the 4th seed. Rules for this sudden death match have not been specified in the rulebook, so anything could happen.

If 1-1 Split in Game #2

-If LoOG can get a 2-0 victory they take the #4 seed.

-If LoOG and Xtra Cheese split 1-1, both teams get eliminated, and Try Harder takes the 4th seed.

-For a 2-0 Xtra Cheese victory, this is where it could get interesting. If game #2 was split 1-1 and Xtra Cheese gets a 2-0 in Game #3, then Xtra Cheese and Try Harder would be tied for 4th and would have to play a sudden death playoff. But if all this happens and Felominishal! happened to get a 2-0 against GatJ, then there would be a 3 way tie for 4th.

How Felominishal! makes the Playoffs.

-Game #1 Felominishal! beats GatJ 2-0

-Game #2 is a 1-1 split.

-Game #3 Xtra Cheese wins 2-0

Since the Admins haven’t decided what the tie breaker is for a 3 way tie, we actually have no idea what would happen. When you look closer at each teams records, Head to head map records would be Try Hard: 3-1, Xtra Cheese: 3-1, and Felominishal! 0-4. But if you go with who has the most match wins, it would be Xtra Cheese and Felominishal with 2 and Try Harder with 1. Lets all just hope this happens, so we can see if the Admins make the team captains from each team play a game of 21, 1v1v1 style as the tie breaker.

Day 2- Match 2

(3rd-11pts)- Team F.U.C.K.*        VS        BCKO* (1st-18pts)-    

This Match has no implications on playoffs or round 1 match-ups, but as team captain on BCKO, I can GUARANTEE you some meme compositions.

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